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Can Ronaldo Surpass 40 Goals This Season?

10 goals is the number that most players want in a regular season. Great forwards look to 20 goals for worldwide respect. 30 is for the few elite players of the game that usually play for great teams. 40 goals though, is for complete football freaks.

Real Madrid superstar Cristiano Ronaldo is one of these guys that is capable of scoring 40 in a single season and in fact one time in his career he did. The year was 2007/2008 and Ronaldo scored 31 league goals for Man U, 8 Champions League goals, and 3 FA Cup goals as well. That season Ronaldo started in 48 matches for his side combining league play and tournaments. And obviously for a player to have a shot at scoring 40 goals in a season they have to rely on three critical things to happen: they have to be on a really good team that will play in a ton of matches, they need to have a hot start to the season, and the have to avoid injuries at all costs.

Well so far Ronaldo has had the good fortune of all of these things being true. His Los Blancos side is currently in first place in the league, in excellent Champions League position, and off to a decent start in the Copa del Rey. If the club can advance to at least the semi-finals in both tournaments then you are talking about at least 48 potential starts being available for the star. The fact that he has scored 10 league goals in 8 appearances this year means that he is well ahead of the curve and add on 1 Champions League goal in 3 matches and you have 11 goals in 11 appearances between the two tournaments. With potentially 35 to 40 more starts available this season between tournaments and league play that means Ronaldo already has gotten a quarter of the necessary goals needed for the 40 goal club in considerably less time.

Injuries and cold streaks are the only things that can stop the star from achieving the milestone. Ronaldo has struggled to remain fit for a full season in some time and obviously goal droughts is part of the growing pains of a full 38 match season. But if any two men in the league can achieve the 40 goal summit then it is Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi.

Ronaldo last season scored 33 goals in a supposedly unspectacular debut season with the club; whereas Lionel Messi scored a combined 43 goals between the two tournaments and league play.