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Can Real Madrid Take Sevilla sans Ronaldo?

I'd be looking amess too if I were about to sit out a crucial match...

Ronaldo took a heavy penalty against Olympique Marseille in a 3-0 Champion’s League win on Wednesday and now it appears the injury is serious enough that he may miss Real’s clash with Sevilla on Sunday.

The shame about this is that there are no rules in La Liga about reporting injuries so all we know is that he has some swelling around his ankle and they’ll “wait and see”.  I want to know what’s going on.  I once had swelling around my ankle…after I BROKE it!  I’m not saying his ankle is broken, but I am saying that this sounds serious.

With Sevilla making a huge challenge to Barca and Real I’m wondering, again, if Sevilla can keep up.  This is the time when they can pounce on Madrid because even if Ronaldo can go, I don’t think he’ll be 100%.

Now that Sevilla took a “must-win” from the Rangers on Tuesday I will predict that they come into Sunday’s match with Real Madrid thinking they CAN WIN.  The defeatist attitude that might prevail over a club that just lost a big match will more than likely not exist in the Sevilla locker room.  If they take this as their time to get a hold on Barca and Real Madrid then they can win this match going away…whether Ronaldo is in or out.

In other news, Barcelona rolled Malaga on Saturday (big surprise) and Valencia drew with Atletico Madrid in an attempt to keep themselves close to the Top 3.  I think at this point Valencia needs to prove that they are in the Top 4 by playing like a Top 4 exists.  They have a pretty bad Racing team on Sunday and if they can’t pull that one out I think we’re going to have to stick with a Top 3 instead of expanding to a Top 4.  If Valencia can’t just roll on Racing then they need to rethink they’re game…not their gameplan…their game.  Good luck gentlemen, you’re going to need it.