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Can Italy Repeat in South Africa?

Only two teams have ever been able to pull off the rare repeat at the FIFA World CupItaly looks to be the third squad in the brief history of the tournament to do so next summer.  And their odds are about as good as anyone at pulling off this rare feat.

Only two nations have ever pulled off the double at the World Cup and Italy was the first team to do it.  Unfortunately, the squad achieved this unbelievable feat a very long time ago when the rules were much different then the modern day and people used to huddle around the radio for sporting events.  In 1934 and 1938 the Italians hoisted the World Cup trophy both times.  Vittorio Pozzo still today holds the record for being the only coach to win the trophy twice. But back then (as I said earlier) things were different and perhaps winning was not as challenging as it is today.

First off, for the two tournaments that Italy won in a row both FIFA World Cup experiences were much more limited then they are today.  Back then their was only sixteen teams that played in the event; today there is 32 plus a very grueling World Cup qualifier.  But this addition wasn’t made until the 1998 World Cup so many of the previosu World cup’s were simply done differently then today. 

The only other team to ever pull off the double was Brazil in 1958 and 1962.  That was the same story as Italy’s previous double.  Only sixteen clubs played in the tournament.  But if Italy can pull off the World Cup this summer then they will have done something really special.  They will be the first team ever to repeat as World Cup champions in a 32 team World Cup tournament. 

Not too shabby of a record to hold if you ask me.