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Can Inter Hold Off Chelsea?

Creative Commons License photo credit: maurobrock

Before the Inter-Chelsea clash began a few weeks back, I predicted that Chelsea would win the battle by a narrow margin of 4-3 in the two match aggregate playoff.  And after one match that saw Inter win 2-1 that total looks to be quite possible with Chelsea enjoying the home field advantage today.  But one thing I never considered when choosing the final score was that Chelsea’s key man in between the posts would go down. 

This loss might just leave the door open for Jose Mourinho’s squad. 

And what an interesting story that has become.  The man is pining to coach in the EPL and he currently looks to knock off his old side.  A team that has failed to accomplish much since he has left the building too.

So today we get the answer to many fascinating questions regarding Serie A football.  Will this be Jose Mourinho’s last Champions League as an Italian manager?  Will Inter prove to be the one Italian side with a chance of taking home the title?  And can Chelsea prove to be wiser then the wise master himself?  Later today the answer to all these questions will become much more clear.

As I’ve said before I don’t like changing my picks after they have been made and I do think Chelsea is the more talented roster and is not in too bad of a position considering their form in the away leg, but despite recent poor form in league play as well Inter will be enjoying one advantage over the Blues.   They have a reliable keeper in the net and not some guy named Hilario.

But things will begin to get interesting today when it comes to the UEFA big picture.  One team will disappoint their fans and the other will move on to the next round and could potentially win the whole thing.  But whatever happens today it will likely come down to one goal and one goal alone. 

And for the sake of keeping Jose Mourinho happy for a little while Inter needs to score that goal.  Perhaps today will be the day that people finally give Diego Milito the credit he deserves?