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Can Ibra Keep the Serie A Title Winning Streak Alive?

AC  Milan - PSV in San Siro - www.yme.nlIf you remove the fact that two of Juventus’ Serie A titles were stripped in 2005 and 2006 due to the infamous match fixing scandal, Zlatan Ibrahimovic has never played for an Italian team that didn’t win the league’s title. In fact the Swede is five for five in his career as a Serie A champion and also has an active streak of two straight Serie A MVP’s along with one Golden Boot Award.

In other words the guy has been a great Serie A player.

So this season, in his first with AC Milan, will Ibra continue his winning ways? Considering that the last time that Juventus was truly a force in the league was when Ibra was with the club, I’d say that the guy is truly a difference maker. And perhaps his biggest problem that could develop over his new stint with Milan is that the Swede knows this.

Like all professional athletes Ibrahimovic is extremely confident in his own skills. Recently the striker called out his former Barcelona coach and his former Italian side of Inter Milan. And rewind a season back, Ibra claimed that Serie A football was inferior to Barca’s offensive friendly style and labeled Italian football as dull and dirty.

But Ibra is back in Serie A just a year later and this couldn’t have come at a better time for AC Milan who lacked the consistent offensive performers last season other then Pato and Ronaldinho. Ibra might give the edge to Milan this season over his former side simply because the man is that good. But defense still remains a bit of a question mark and Inter Milan still does have the edge in that category.

It will likely come down to the wire, but 6 for 6 is definitely a possibility for one of Serie A’s most successful players in recent memory.  

Creative Commons License photo credit: Yme Bosma