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Can Beckham Rekindle the Wining Spirit in Milan?

I guess that by now you have heard that Beckham will be joining Ac Milan in January for another six months. The question however is if he will be able to help Milan clinch major titles.

We saw how much he contributed to Milan last season during his first loan spell and we hope he will be able to do even more for them when he returns . What really impressed me was his commitment. He even part financed his transfer deal just so he could play in Italy.

In my opinion, Milan looked great with Beckham, Kaka, and Gaucho leading the attack and for a while, they were actually getting results. I don’t know what happened after he returned to LA. It seemed like Milan lost focus. The media also took this oportunity to criticise Beckham for his decision to leave LA at a crucial point in their league.

Personally i do not blame him. Beckham realised that his playing career is almost coming to an end and he would not want it to end without appearing in the world cup and helping his team win it. Why he chose Italy and Milan in particular to revive his career will remain a mystery but i guess that he needed a new challenge and Milan was the only “big” team that could use his services.

Nevertheless, Beckham is an outstanding player and he will not only go down in history as the richest footballer but also as amazing dead-ball specialist and team player. I know that he will come through for the rossonerri the only problem is that Milan can’t wait until January to start wining. They must begin now!