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Can Ancelotti Succeed Where Many Have Failed?

They say Blue is the color of creativity. Well, Chelsea has looked every inch innovative since the season begun. Their perfect run in the Premiership has gotten many people talking (including me) about the possibility of them lifting both the Champions League and Premiership trophies.

It’s still early days but I believe they are sending out a clear message to their competitors. Not since Mourinho left, has the club enjoyed such a good spell of victories. Their last coach Guus Hiddink did a marvelous job of seeing the club through one of their most difficult times to ensure they finished in position 2.

However, Coach Carlo Ancelotti has breathed new life into the squad. I hope he will be the one to succeed where many have failed. Chelsea’s ultimate goal this season is to win the Champions League. There is no doubt about that. Ancelotti has his work cut out for him and anything short of a semi-final appearance will definitely start the alarm bells ringing once again.

Looking at their games this season, one can see the difference. Even Michael Ballack, who everyone thought had outlived his usefulness, is starting to score goals again. With Essien back from injury and the strike partnership of Drogba and Anelka operating smoothly, Chelsea will be the team to beat in the EPL.

Ancelotti has yet again been given the opportunity to show himself as a world class coach. All we can hope is that he repeats the success that he had with Milan at Chelsea.