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Cameroon's World Cup Preview: The Team

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Creative Commons License photo credit: manbeastextraordinaire


Cameroon is considered the most successful team in African football history and the side has advanced to six of the last eight World Cup tournaments.  The Indomitable Lions have not advanced past the first round of the event since 1990 and in their last three Cup experiences the squad has only won a single match and lost four.  Last World Cup in Germany the squad failed to qualify and was forced to sit out the experience.  The nation has won four African Nations Cups though.


Cameroon didn’t have as smooth a ride as they would have liked through WCQ this year, but the national team didn’t disappoint down the stretch when they truly needed victories.  In their last six matches the Indomitable Lions only allowed two goals and won their last four.  The squad is considered one of the better ones from Africa and Samuel Eto’o is the superstar player that needs to perform at the highest level if they want to advance far.


Cameroon’s current odds of winning the World Cup are roughly around 100 to 1 putting them in the middle of the pack for all the teams playing this summer.  And having the Cup in South Africa should play as a nice advantage for the squad and anything is possible.  I think Cameroon will do maybe a little bit better than they are projected to do because of this home continent advantage, but the squad hasn’t advanced past the first round since the 1990’s and last Cup they weren’t even involved.  I think they miss the cut once again, but they will win a match.