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Cameroon’s Losing Streak Continues

After losing 3-1 to Portugal 2 days ago, the Indomitable Lions of Cameroon were again on the receiving end yesterday when they lost albeit narrowly to fellow World Cup team Serbia. Cameroon lost 4-3 to cap a rather disastrous round of friendlies that has left their delegation to South Africa apprehensive of their realistic chances.

With Ivory Coast talisman Drogba out of the tournament and  Ghana’s Essien and Nigeria’s Obi Mikel both ruled out, South Africa 2010 is turning out to be a nightmare for the Continents fans.

A lot has been said about Africa’s representatives to the tournament with some going as far as stating that the 6 nations lean too much on individual qualities with little or no discipline and tactical background to back them up.

That might be true but show me a team that does not rely overly on any player? The fact of the matter is that all the 32 nations participating in this turnament have that one player who they look up to when everything seems to be going wrong.

Brazil has it in the form of Kaka, although ruled out, Germany’s Ballack is the heartbeat of the team, then here is Wayne Rooney of England, the list is endless. So with Drogba, Mikel and Essien out, it might be a little harder for their sides to manage however, it will make their victories all the more enjoyable.

Paul Le Guen should therefore use these loses as a learning experience and instead build on them in preparation for their opponents who might i add are looking very impressive especially the Netherlands.