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Cagliari Fined For Rascist Taunts From Fans

Cagliari was fined $35,000 dollars for their fans racist taunts towards Inter Milan star forward Samuel Eto’o. I realize that many of these Italian teams are strapped for cash at the moment, but $35,000 dollars? Why fine them at all if they are willing to go with such a low figure?

I realize that $35,000 dollars is no measly amount when compared to most ordinary things and ordinary jobs, but in the game of sports ownership when powerhouse teams are valued at around $1 billion dollars; $35,000 dollars is the equivalent of the coins pinned underneath the cushions of your couch. I mean Mark Cuban, the owner of the Dallas Mavericks, has been fined around $500,000 dollars before for simply saying that NBA officials suck or that David Stern, the president of the league, is an idiot. $35,000 isn’t even 1/10th of the value of Cuban’s previous fines and I think everyone can agree that this sort of problem at sporting events is much worse then Cuban’s big mouth. 

Apparently the Cagliari fans made jeering remarks whenever Samuel Eto’o touched the ball in the match. Play was suspended for three minutes due to the ongoing insults being directed towards the former Barcelona man and that has nearly never happened before in Italian football. $35,000 dollars doesn’t do the crime justice though, and I think that similar to the Serbian situation in Euro 2012, when their fans rioted an Italian venue, the punishment should be greater then any monetary value because the crime was far worse then any ticky-tacky fine.

League’s should start punishing team’s 10 goals in total goal differential every time this occurs and perhaps putting the club’s in jeopardy to fall down the table is the only way to resolve these blatant cases of rascism in sports. Regardless of the appropriate penalty, Cagliari made the mistake of taunting the wrong man.

Eto’o scored the only goal in the match and Inter would leave the venue victorious 1-0.