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Burdisso’s Heart Beats Only For Roma

Money isn’t everything in football, that’s what probably Inter Milan’s defender Nicolas Burdisso had in mind after reports stated that he would only choose Roma as his destination despite having bigger offer from Juventus.

Burdisso who was loan by Roma last season, look set to stay at the capital club permanently this season and leave his current owner, Inter, that doesn’t really have any intention in keeping him. However, the negotiation hasn’t had any breakthrough as there’s a huge numerical margin between the two clubs.

During that difficult negotiation time, Italian press stated that Juventus have just place a bid higher than what the Giallorosi manage to provide. The move certainly brings a big concern for Roma  as should Inter decide to accept the Bianconeri offer, there will be nothing that the capital club can do to outbid the Turin giant.

Fortunately for last season serie A runners up, it seems that the player has his heart set only for them as according to his agent, Fernando Hidalgo, Burdisso only wanted to play for Claudio Ranieri side and hoping that Inter would allow him to move to the capital. Despite the economical gap that stands between Roma’s offer and Inter’s asking price, the agent is confident that both clubs can sort things out and fulfill his client’s wish.

“The player has also made his choice, which is Roma. At this point, I hope that tomorrow’s meeting between the two clubs is decisive, even if I know that there is an important gap between them.” Hidalgo stated, “I hope that Inter understand the situation. I want to be optimistic.”

It would be interesting in witnessing the end of this transfer process as the negotiation has actually started a while ago, with Inter keep on playing hard ball and won’t soften things up for Roma. On the other hand, the capital club, which has been publicly sold, doesn’t really have enough cash to pay the ransom for Burdisso as the Giallorosi’s effort in raising money by planning to sell some of their players isn’t going well either.