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Buffon Likely Out After Inter Match

You know how big a match is when it’s on your calender before the season even begins.  That is the case for keeper Gianluigi Buffon of Juventus and his readiness for his battle against last year’s champs, Inter.  The star Italian goalie is expected to miss some significant time this season when he goes under the knife for a knee operation in December.  Buffon has opted to play through the incredible pain until Juventus’ match against Inter in December. 

Knowing that his team desperately needs at least a point in the match, Buffon is Juventus’ only hope of controlling the offense Inter will showcase in the December match.  Buffon has proven though that nothing can hold him back even when his body isn’t one hundred percent.  The keeper not only has been fantastic in goal for Juventus so far this year, but Buffon was also at his usual excellent form for Italy’s international matches to qualify for a World Cup spot. 

Obviously the keeper did not want to miss those matches either, but continuing to play for a few more months on a bad knee shows how committed the World Cup winner still is to football.  In this day and age it is very common for athletes hampered with any injury to sit out games considered less important for better results in rivalries, but Buffon is not playing this diva game and instead expects to start for as long as he can until the surgery date arrives.

Buffon is doing this for one simple reason.  He knows what it takes to be considered a champion…