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Bruno’s Despicable Act

Brazilian keeper and Flamingo captain Bruno has been charged with the masterminded murder of a former lover yesterday and the twenty five year old victim was trying to prove that the married man was the father of her young son.

Prosecutor Gustavo Fantini filed charges against Bruno and eight accomplices yesterday and among the charged was Bruno’s wife, Dayanne Souza, and another woman who police claim is also Bruno’s mistress. 

Eliza Samudio was the woman that Bruno allegedly paid to have murdered and the woman filed a criminal report last October claiming that she was abducted by the keeper and his entourage and the group attempted to force Samudio into taking some medication that would have her abort her unborn child at the time.  But authorities overlooked the incident and now less then a year later the poor woman is dead.

The police claim that Bruno ordered close friend and former police officer, Marcos Aparecido dos Santos, to abduct Samudio and had her taken 300 miles north to his isolated, private ranch.  There Samudio was tortured and beaten before being strangled to death by the former policeman.  And to make the story even more grotesque, Dos Santos and Bruno apparently decided to get rid of the body by hacking it up into little pieces and feeding it to a pack of starving dogs.

The alleged crime is among the most despicable acts I’ve ever heard of and it truly is a tragedy that someone would take their own public image and bank account that far that they would mastermind the murder of somebody that truly did nothing wrong. Bruno’s captaincy has been removed by club Flamingo and the keeper recently enjoyed a league title last season with the Brazilian squad and the popular club was often rumored to be the destination of choice for Ronaldinho this summer.

But I think it is safe to say that Bruno has likely seen his last action on the pitch.