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Bremen Shock Defending Champs Inter Milan

Inter suffered their worst defeat ever since Rafael Benitez took over from Mourinho in the summer. A 3-0 defeat away to Weder Bremen in their last Group A fixture means the defending champions finish the group in second place behind surprise leaders Tottenham.

The Nerazzurri are now in danger of being seeded with big European clubs like Chelsea or Real Madrid in the knock out stages. A win coupled with a draw for Tottenham was all Inter needed to top the group.

Tottenham ‘met’ their side of the bargain but Inter failed to honour their end of the bargain leaving Benitez and Inter in a very precarious position going into the knock out stages.

I wonder if Inter President Massimo Moratti has changed his mind about keeping the Spaniard. Its very clear that Benitez is leading Inter deeper  down the tunnel of defeat.

Inter remain win less for the second consecutive week after losing to Lazio last Friday. After his sides 3-0 loss, a defiant Benitez refused to give in to rumours that his career depends on how Inter play in the World Club Cup.

According to Benitez the loss was not deserving however, it was part of his ‘strategy’ considering the fact that with the World Club Cup coming up, he wanted to have his key players ready for the tournament.

“This was a game where the team already qualified,”

“For me it’s different. The important part was the game with Twente. We tried the young players and we have not injured anyone.

“Now I am worried though only about the present. If I change my socks for luck? It is not a matter of socks, but injured players and other problems. My future depends on the World Championship? No, I think not.” Benitez said this during an interview with Skysport Italia.

According to Benitez, he is changing the whole structure of the team including their mentality. Well, Benitez has definitely changed Inter to a losing side. This defeat should get the club’s administration seriously thinking about a replacement. However, they are to proud to admit their mistake. My only question is how many more losses do the players and fans have to endure before the Moratti cracks the Whip?

Photo credit: from The EFP