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Breaking Down the Yank’s 10 Bold Predictions

Crystal CastlesIn order to truly understand these prediction breakdowns you will have to refer to my original post I put up on the PLTO prior to the start of the Cup. 


But I like to call myself out when I was way off based and I like to pat myself on the back when I was right on the money.  But here are my grades for my own picks.

1)      No African Team Will Advance Past the Second Round

Well I was close.  Only Ghana made it further than that and not by much.   I reward myself 9 out of 10 possible points.

2)     Messi Would Fail to Show Up after the Third Match

My prediction was bold and by ESPN’s standards I was exactly right.  Messi didn’t WOW us the way he does in league play though and that is due to the lack of .  8/10

3)     Rooney Wins Golden Boot

Okay. Okay.  Everybody gets one kick straight to the groin.  Please lineup because Rooney was wearing his invisible cloak that he stole from Harry Potter this summer.  0/10

4)     A New Winning Nation

Bing! Bing! Bing!  My first undeniable jackpot.  Dutch-Spain guaranteed that this summer would have a first time victor.  But which one?  I don’t know I wrote this particular blog a week ago.  10/10

5)     Ronaldo Will Be Exposed

He only scored once and it was in a North Korean routing so I’d say that they guy struggled to find his form this summer. 8/10

6)     Brazilain Ronaldo Wins hot Dog Eating Competition

He didn’t participate, but if he did then it was money in the bank.  Still I think I deserve a few creativity points. 5/10

7)     One of the Suazo would Score Five Goals

Neither were close and only one advanced to the second round.  I can’t give myself too many points here because neither one scored too often.  3/10 

8)    advances to quarterfinals and draws in group play

Not too shabby considering how close they were to beating Ghana, but the England call was dead on.  I’m gonna give myself a decent grade for that call. 8/10

9)     Spain-Brazil meet in the World Cup.

It didn’t happen, but I did pick to win.  Did they?  I don’t know since I wrote this a week back, but I have a feeling they did.  For the sake of my grade of course.  8/10

10) Refs Will Blow Games Due to the Lack of Instant Replay and Goal Line Technology

Wow I feel like Nostradamus, but without all the creepy staring at crystal ball kind of stuff.  10/10

Final Grade: 69/100 

Coincidence?  I think not.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Frogman!