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Breaking Down the Predictions

crystal ball & vikiking
Creative Commons License photo credit: mararie

Before the season here were my predictions:

20. Bari- the champs of Serie B haven’t disappointed this year.  Currently in eleventh place.

19. Siena- Just one off the mark with the last place club in the league.

18. Chievo Verona- Currently in 12th place the club surprisingly boasts one of the best D’s.

17. Livorno- Another near exact pick Livorno is currently in the realm of the relegation zone in 18th.

16. Parma- They were in the top ten, but now the newboys are in 13th.

15. Bologna- Another one that was close.  Bologna is in 14th right now.

14. Catania- This 17th place club has only won 2 road matches.

13. Atalanta- This 19th ranked club has one of the worst offenses in the league.

12. Cagliari- This club is among the most improved in the league and currently sit in 8th place.

11. Udinese- Currently 15th place Udinese has had a bad year, but at least they are moving away from the relegation zone.

10. Palermo- This 5th place club is still perfect at home this season.

9. Napoli- Another club that has climbed into the top six by winning low scoring matches.

8. Sampdoria- Another near miss.  Sampdoria is in 7th place.

7. Genoa- Currently in 9th place Genoa needs to tighten up on D.

6. Lazio-  Everybody point and laugh.  Lazio is in 16th and has the second worst O.  So much for the addition of Julio Cruz.

5. Fiorentina- Many had them finishing in the top four, but their actually in 10th.

4. Roma- This 3rd place squad is red hot right now plus they now have Luca Toni on their club.

3. Milan- In second place right now I think they will stay there for the rest of the season.

2. Juventus- Not too consistent, but Juve should be in the top four for good now.

1. Inter- It isn’t a shocker, but can they keep the lead despite the suspension of their coach?  Yes they can.