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Brazilian Ronaldo Set to Retire After 2011

The last of the Chili...
Creative Commons License photo credit: OctopusHat

He has kind of fallen off the face of the earth since his days in Barcelona, Inter, and Real Madrid, but the man who owns the record for the most career goals in the World Cup recenty announced that he soon plans to hang up the football boots for good.   Ronaldo recently signed a new two-year deal at Corinthians and the legendary striker has claimed that after that contract runs out in December of 2011 he will retire from football.

The thirty three year old was at one time considered the best footballer in the world, but in the last four years his game has gone sour and his weight problems have become comical at times.  Before a match earlier this year, Ronaldo claimed that he would score three goals for his Sao Paulo side.  Of course around 3 AM on the same day as the match, Ronaldo was seen on a surveillance camera around a night club section of the city woofing down two chili dogs from a vendor following a night dedicated to binge drinking. 

So in other words many fans of the most beautiful game has often questioned his dedication to his craft rather then his love for, well, Kraft cheese.

And where will Ronaldo end up on the long list of legendary Brazilain players?  In his youth many believed he had the potential to surpass Pele with his personal milestones and to the Brazilian’s credit he did have a fantastic international and league career despite playing through several painful injuries.  But does his lack of significant production in his thirties taint his reputation as one of the best players in the world?

Despite his brilliant introduction to the most beautiful game it is hard to say that it doesn’t affect his overall ranking.  And even though the guy will never be considered the greatest player to ever play the game, he has to be considered one of the best which is an honor in itself. 

But when it comes to inhaling chili dogs the man is second to no one. 

Well except for Kobashi of course.