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Brazilian Legend Socrates Dies At 57

The world of football is in mourning after  the death of Brazilian Legend Socrates. Socrates died on Sunday after suffering septic shock due to intestinal infection. Often refered to as the man with the golden feet, Socrates will be most remembered as a memeber of the great Brazilian side of 1982 that despite their talent failed to win the world cup.

According to Brazilian reports, Socrates was buried on Sunday in his hometown  Ribeirao Preto. Although a great player in his hey day, Socrates struggled with an alcohol and cigarettes addiction that saw him hospitalised on a number of occassions.

A report by Brazilian news agency Agencia revealed that it was during Socrates third hospitalization that the player confronted his drug addiction.

“It was during his third hospitalization that he confronted his addiction to alcohol and cigarettes, adding that he had ‘won’ another chance to recover from his complications,”

Many people reading this were probably  never born or too young too remember seeing him play, however, here are a few highlights of his amazing life:

  • Socrates turned pro at the age of 24
  • Socrates was a qualified mediacal doctor thus his nickname Doctor Socrates
  • Starred in two world cup finals for Brazil between 1979 and 1986.
  • Socrates was also a pro democracy fighter and political activist who spoke out against the ruthless military regime.

In an interview early this year, Socrates spoke openly about his how alcohol had ruined his life and his determination to rid himself of this evil vice:

“I am not going to change,”

“I am just going to get rid of alcohol. I’ve already done that.”

Tribute continue to pour in from all over the world. Current Barzilian President Dilma Rousseff  called Socrates one of Brazil’s most beloved sons and a football genius. Others who have paid their tributes include Ronaldo, Paolo Rossi, Zico amongst others.

Zico’s statement from Globoesporte read:

“A high quality he possessed was loyalty. I had the privilege of being his friend. Our children are friends. He’s going very early. He had unusual intelligence. You always expected something good from him.”

Photo Credit © Ademir5