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Brazil, Meet the New Boss

BRASILLuiz Antonio Venker Menezes, or simply Mano Menezes, has become the new coach of the Brazilian national team and the former coach of Corinthians was actually the second choice for the job following Fluminense club’s head coach Muricy Ramalho’s rejection of the honor earlier in the week.

Mano will likely continue on a similar path as coach Dunga considering the former footballer was also a defensive minded player during his career in the 1970’s and early 1980’s. But of course you can’t judge a book by it’s cover and just because Mano was a former defender doesn’t exactly mean that Brazil will not return some of the flash to their lineup, but with the modern trend in football leaning more towards the defensive coaching mentality I would be surprised if Mano opened things back up in the formation.

As for the man’s track record, Mano retired from football in the early 1980’s and became a fitness coach by 1986. Around 1997 Mano Menezes became a head coach for the first time in league play and the Brazilian former player has been actively coaching since then for eight different Brazilian league teams over the last 14 years and on both the top and lower tier of the country‘s domestic league.

And of course his predecessor Dunga was often burned at the stake by the media for his refusal to select many of the world’s most renowned Brazilian stars like Pato, Ronaldinho, Diego, Adriano, and of course Ronaldo.

So considering Dunga’s failure to win the World Cup will Menezes learn from his predecessor’s mistakes and possibly open up the offensive side of the pitch for the country renowned for perfecting the art of the game?

Only time will tell.

Creative Commons License photo credit: emarquetti