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Brazil Drop To 7th Place In FIFA Rankings

2014 FIFA World Cup hosts Brazil are slowly sliding down the FIFA/Coca Cola rankings at an alarming rate. The South American giants who have won the world title a record 5 times move are in position 7 according to the latest rankings released late last month by the world governing football body.

This drop could be an indication of the huge transition the team is going through, or it could be as a result of the increased competitiveness of traditional European strongholds like Germany, Netherlands and Spain.

With the world cup a little over two years away, some fear and skepticism is among fans is slowly rising. Sure 2 years is a lot of time in football, however, you must consider that the nation is already feeling the pressure just for hosting the tournament.

Having hosted the tournament in 1958 and failing to go all the way, pundits beleive that this could be the perfect opportunity for the country to join the likes Uruguay, Italy, England, France and Argentina in the group of selected countries to have hosted the tournament and won it.

These rankings come on the back of  a legal dispute that will see Brazil meet the FIFA this coming Monday to try and iron out controversial laws regarding the 2014 tournament.

One such law includes  the requirements of  theatrical and sports events to allow half-price tickets to people over 65.  Others include, prohibitions on the sale of liquor and rules that allow low-cost tickets to students and youth.

According to FIFA, these laws threaten to increase their costs and ability to protect their partners and sponsors. It does not surprise me to hear such a statement coming FIFA.

Of course, not only is this a great sporting event for them and the entire world, but it is also a huge business venture where they hope to reap millions from. I could be wrong, but the last time i checked, for a company to partner with FIFA, you will have to cough up £25 million upfront to be associated anyway with FIFA.

To be a sponsor, you have to add an additional £50 million to the 25 million. Then there is the huge television rights and advertising revenue that exists. So after every 4 years FIFA bank in millions and yet people seem to wonder why everyone wants to run the federation.

Anyway back to Brazil and their troubles are not over as they are way behind on their project deadlines and stadium construction. That said, i am still very confident, of a great event even though it more than 2 years away.

Photo credit © austinhk