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Borussia Dortmund Sign Rising Starlet Marco Reus

So after weeks of uncertainty over Marco Reus’s future, Bundesliga club Borussia Dortmund were finally able to land the services of the highly rated attacking midfielder.

Dortmund beat out the likes of Arsenal and Bayern Munich who were the two clubs closely associated with the 22 year old. Though many Bayern team members have expressed their disappointment at the club for not signing Reus, one player is breathing a heavy sigh of relief.

Bastian Schweinsteiger is on the record as not wanting Reus to join Bayern as he feels that he is not quite ready to feature in the team. The truth is, Reus would be a direct competitor for Schweinsteiger’s starting position a thing the aging midfielder is not too keen about.

Having even more interesting is Dortmund’s sudden rise to supremacy in the league. up until a few years ago, nobody considered Dortmund a real threat to the likes of Bayern Munich, Schalke 04 and Weder Bremen.

However, their consistent form in the league the past 3 seasons has seen them emerge as the Bavarians real rival in all aspects of the game. That said, Dortmund could find themselves in serious problems as signing Reus cost them more than £14 million, something that has led the club to near bankruptcy.

Not only did Dortmund break the bank in getting Reus, but he now becomes the second most expensive player in the club’s history since Marcio Amoroso’s £20.6 million signing back in 2001.

Dortmund are expected to offload some players in order to pay for Reus. On the line to leave the club are Lucas Barrios who is expected to net the club £10 million and an additional £6.6 million through the sale of several players.

On the bright side, Reus can expect to partner some of the Bundesliga’s most lethal attackers like Mario Gotze, Robert Lewandowski and Shinji Kagawa. Reus’s move could actually prove to be a good decision for him.

At Dortmund, he is guaranteed regular playing time which is vital if he is to greatly improve his skills. However, the lack of European action is also a big threat as Dortmund are will have to ensure they give all they have got to avoid going out in the group stages.

Photo Credit © TrickyMartin2006