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Borriello Chooses Roma Because of De Rossi

As Roma’s new signing, Marco Borriello, made the headline after making a surprising switch from Ac Milan to the capital club just few hours before the transfer window closed despite being heavily linked with Juventus not long before that.

Revealing his decision to the press, Borriello stated that one of the main reasons he choses to play for the Giallorossi instead of Juve was because the persuasive text message send to him by Daniele De Rossi.

“I said no to Juventus because I am a sensible person and when I heard the President speak and I read the text message from De Rossi which gave me goosebumps, I immediately accepted,” Borriello said. “He text me to tell me to come here and ended with ‘we are going to win’.”

The Milan youth product also stated that he feels Roma have an exciting project that can motivate him to give his best in every game that he’ll played on the Giallorossi shirt. The striker added that the enthusiasm and seriousness of Roma’s president, Rosella Sensi, give him more confidence that he has chosen the right path for his career.

“It’s a great project, a great team. I can promise the fans that I will give my utmost commitment and that I will give spirit to this shirt, and I also say to them that I am a player with great motivation. If I am here today, I owe it to Rosella Sensi, to her words and to the passion that she knew how to transmit to me,” Borriello said to the press.

The 28-years-old striker actually still being considered as an important player for Milan this season, however it seems that the arrival of Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Robinho has made Borriello take a decision to leave the Rossoneri. It is a reasonable thing to do as the Italian international obviously think that in Roma he will have more space to play especially should Adriano fail to regain his form, that condition would make the ex-Genoa player surely becomes the first choice in Roma.