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Bordeaux and Lyon Went Crazy Last Night

Seek & destroy(ed)
Creative Commons License photo credit: Gabyu

Lyon sought AND destroyed yesterday.

Lyon defeated Bordeaux 3-1 in their Ligue 1/Champion’s League match yesterday that represents the first leg of their set in the Champion’s League.  With Bordeaux so far out in front in Ligue 1 you wonder whether they are tired, just didn’t have it in them, or they just got bitten by the one team that has their number.  Either way–3-1 in aggregate is not a very good draw.

Oh did I mention that Bordeaux spent all season out in front in Ligue 1 and just lost the Coupe de la Ligue final to Marseille.  So, they wasted all season being MASSIVELY ahead in Ligue 1 only to lose the final to a team they should have beaten and then they had to turn right around and play this Champion’s League match with Lyon.

There were even gripes that Lyon got an unfair advantage in this match because their tangle with Grenoble was moved and that gave Lyon an extra day to prepare for the Champion’s League scrum. 

That kind of argument makes no sense!  A professional Soccer team plays matches for a living.  That’s what they do.  Why are they complaining about playing matches?  They need their beauty sleep? 

I don’t think so–they’re just mad because they lost the Ligue 1 final and then they sucked again against Lyon.  Basically, Bordeaux couldn’t pull it together when it counted.  That says lot about their team and their character.  It also says alot about how they will handle their second leg against Lyon.

Sure, we could say that they’ll come out all “gangbusters” and really put one on Lyon, but that isn’t going to happen.  If you play that way after losing a big match then you have no resiliency.  No resiliency = no winning.

Sorry Bordeaux–you’re a great regular season team–just not a great postseason team.