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Bologna’s Tough Task

In a bizarre series of events, Serie A side Bologna fired their manager Franco Colomba yesterday one day before their debut match of the 2010/2011 Serie A season.

The former head coach apparently butted heads with the front office and refused to do things the way the organization desired. Club president Sergio Porcedda claimed that Colomba agreed to embrace the side’s ideas, but then “didn’t do so.” And of course this all went down one day before the side was due to faceoff against last year’s treble winners of Inter Milan

And the 17th place squad from last season has a few coaches interested in the vacancy and the interviewing process for the position will be setup later this week. Mario Beretta and Alberto Malesani are the two leading candidates to fulfill Colomba’s vacant position and the lowly club from last season is expected to hire one of the men in the next few weeks.

But the man that was truly given a challenge today was who other then interim manager and current youth squad coach Paolo Magnani. Magnani will get the honor (or perhaps dishonor) of facing the most feared Italian squad arguably ever and he will do so with only a twenty four hour window of experience as the side’s manager before facing the defending champs.

Talk about tough tasks, but if Magnani can find a way to earn a single point today in his side’s debut home match of the season then I think he needs to be considered for the manager’s position as well. After all the 24 hour manager will need a miraculous result for that to happen.