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Bolivian President Kicks Opposing Player In Groin During Friendly

Bolivian President Evo Morales isn’t too diplomatic on the soccer pitch. In fact Morales is what we call a dirty soccer player here in the States or anywhere else in the world for that matter. The politician recently played for his minor league club in a friendly match in La Paz (a strange enough concept to begin with for a president), but the one problem was that the president wasn’t being friendly at all during the meaningless match.

Morales kneed an opposing player in the groin for supposedly committing a hard challenge earlier in the competition. Morales simply ran up to the defender away from the play and swiftly kicked him straight in the groin. The victim obviously rolled on the ground in terrible pain when the blow was delivered, but the Bolivian president received no punishment for the foul from the officials and even scored a goal later in the match.

The story is among the most bizarre in the world of football. After all could you imagine Barack Obama throwing elbows while grabbing a rebound in a pickup basketball game or George W. Bush throwing some brush back high heat in a charity baseball game? It makes you wonder what dirty tactics Morales used to pull in his youth when their wasn’t any cameras and an entire crowd there watching him.

But clearly the world of politics is for bullies and Morales is a prime example of this.  The president later claimed that he was merely fighting back for a dirty play that transpired earlier in the match, but a straight kick to the groin seems like a stiff punishment for whatever happened to the elected politician.