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Bojan Excited About Rome Derby, Slams Guardiola

Bojan Krkić - FC BarcelonaFormer Barcelona man, Bojan Krkic, has obviously experienced a derby during his days with the Catalan but the young striker is all about excited with the upcoming Roman derby this weekend that the striker believes is even better than Barca-Madrid Classico.

Bojan revealed that he has already watched several tapes of previous encounters and understood the importance of the Rome Derby, which is more than just acquiring the three points since it’s a game that got the capital excited in the last few days.

It really is a special encounter. It’s a real spectacle and I’ve seen a few videos of past derby games. It’s better than Barcelona-Real Madrid. The derby is really felt in Rome and it’s worth much, much more than just the three points on offer,” Bojan said.

The young striker who already broke his duck with Roma after scoring in the capital side’s last league game against Atalanta is obviously eager to get another goal in the Derby, which could definitely rises his status in the eye or Romanisti. Starting his time with the Giallorossi in a very difficult situation, the 21-years-old seems to start believing again on himself after the fine performance he did against Atalanta.

The Spain under-21 international is definitely keen on doing well again in the upcoming derby as he wants to keep his spot in the starting line up, which would obviously happens if the striker provides another positive show against Lazio. Bojan obviously doesn’t want his later experience in Barcelona repeats with the Giallorossi as the youngster admitted that his bad relationship with coach Josep Guardiola simply destroyed his hope in becoming a star with the Catalan.

Guardiola didn’t see me at all. I basically left Barcelona because of him and I’ll certainly not return while he is still on the Barcelona bench. I was not happy because I didn’t play and I didn’t have any continuity. I was sad and I did not want to play or train,” Bojan added. “I tried to talk to him at times, but the words would not come out. It is one thing not to play and quite another not to feel a part of the squad. “


Creative Commons License photo credit: Corsarz