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Bojan Determined He Can Become A First-Team Regular

Playing alongside Villa or Messi is always a great thing but for Bojan it comes with a bit of a situation as the young 20-year old having a chance to find any first-team action is no easy task. Although Bojan has definitely impressed with the limited minutes he has been given, replacing the likes of Villa or Messi is just not going to happen. However, Bojan is confident and determined that he could be part of the starting XI.

“The game yesterday (with Catalonia) was one in which I knew that I was going to play, that I was going out there to enjoy myself and was unlike a game with Barcelona. I’ve started games, so that’s a lot of minutes. It’s true that when I feel at ease and am enjoying myself, I play a lot better. Here you talk about the best players in the world, in a historic moment, so it’s difficult to improve. I want to show that I should be here, and the day that I am unable to play at first team level with Barcelona, then I would leave. But until then, I’ve always said that there is more to come and that I want to stay at Barcelona.I was in the dressing room and met Afellay. We still don’t understand each other, because I don’t speak English nor French. If he’s been signed now, then it is because he is a good player and can give the manager what he wants. Any player is welcome here.”

What do you think are Bojan chances of being part of Barcelona’s starting XI? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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