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Boateng To Be Presented As Milan Player Tomorrow

AC Milan is on the verge of finalising the signing of German born Ghanaian international Kevin Prince Boateng from relegated Portsmouth this week. The 23 year old impressed during the World Cup finals in South Africa and is just what the aging Rossoneri need ahead of a very competitive season.

“I’m moving to Italy, for me it is a dream come true.”

Milan has somewhat become the laughing stock of the Serie A with most teams and players for that matter not giving them a chance of even finishing in a top four position. For all Milan fans this is a breathe of fresh air especially considering the fact that the club has not been that active during this transfer window The addition of Boateng to the squad will no doubt add some pace and agility to the Milan squad.

To be Honest, i think that Milan can not only challenge for the scudetto but they can also win it. I know that is a very bold statement, but just looking at their present crop of players it is not hard to see why i say that.

If Allegri can play his cards right, then Milan could just be the team to beat. A perfect mixture of youth and experience is all the club needs to prove just why they are the most successful club in the history of the sport.

Playing in their traditional 4-3-3 formation, my ideal line-up would look like this. Amelia in goal, Zambrotta as left back, Nesta and Papastothopolous as the centre backs and Abate as right back. The midfield would include Ronaldinho, Pirlo and Boateng. Pato, Huntelaar and Borriello would complete the attack.

However, that is not very practical. It seems like some players in the Rossoneri have stock or something because despite their obvious in effectiveness, they can never start from the bench.

A good example is Seedorf. Now don’t get me wrong, the Dutchman does have his good days, however, how does he expect to keep up with the likes of Coutinho, De rossi or even Pepe who have the agility comparable to that of an Impala?

Again weren’t Jankulovski and Oddo supposed to leave at the of the season? What happened? It cannot be stressed enough that Milan need young players to compete with the likes of Inter and Roma.

If Boateng completes his move tomorrow as expected, then the Rossoneri would at least be showing their fans some intention to restore the club to its former glory.

Photo credit: from prismatico