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Blogger MLS Fantasy Championship Update


Some loyal STO readers may recall a Houston Dynamo fan blog, Nutmegged, challenged STO, as well as the other MLS Bloggers out there, to a friendly game of fantasy football (er, soccer), hosted by MFLS.com, the oldest and best MLS fantasy site on the web.

Well, one quarter of the season is now gone, and here is where STO stands in comparison to the rest of the blogosphere in the Fantasy League:

  1. WVHooligan
  2. Blue Blooded Journo
  3. Pele Orei
  4. Center Holds It
  5. STO
  6. Who Ate All the Cupcakes
  7. Nutmegged
  8. The DCenters
  9. Soccerlens

Middle of the road isn’t bad among these MLS experts. STO will take it. Let’s just say Jon Busch is carrying us so far, and I am regretting my preseason crush on the members of the Goats’ defense. Fantasy Coach Tom Soehn is one more loss away from a virtual pink slip.

One place where STO has shined though? The Prediction League, where STO is currently first with a slight lead over the Nutmegged crowd. Hey, at least we’re winning something, right?

More updates to come as the season goes on.