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Blind Auction Cost Roma Marco Motta

Having a co-ownership deal can give some disadvantages for clubs, especially when the loose a talented player because of blind auction and that’s what pretty much happens to AS Roma after they loose half of the contract of talented Italy youngster, Marco Motta. The capital club, who co-owned Motta’s contract along with Udinese has to surrender the Italian under 21 international ownership fully to the Bianconeri after loosing the auction.

Both club have to enter the blind auction in determining Motta’s future after they failed to strike an agreement regarding what will happen to the young player next season. Because they can’t decide anything until the co-ownership deadline arrived, Roma and Udinese have to let the blind auction decide everything and the result of the auction is that Udinese now have full ownership of the young defender.

Udinese acquired Motta’s full contract after they placed 1,5 million Euro on the sealed envelopes while Roma only came up with 1,3 million Euro, meaning that the right back will return to the Udine based club. Personally I think it’s a loss for the Giallorossi as they would need to find a new player in place of the talented youngster, which would be a little bit difficult task due to Roma’s financial condition.

For those who doesn’t know the process of blind auction, it is the condition when both teams that co-owned a player fails to make an agreement about the player’s future until the deadline, have to place a bid into a secret sealed envelope. The club who has the higher bid, will eventually own full rights of the co-owned player’s contract and get to keep him at the club and decide his future, whether they’ll keep him or sell him.

Meanwhile, after loosing the young player, Roma reportedly is actively looking for a replacement, the latest rumors stated that they are after another Udinese player, Mauricio Isla, who is playing very well with Chile in the World Cup. As for Motta himself, the media also predicted that the right back is on his way to Turin joining the Italian giant, Juventus next season. However, the player himself isn’t very keen on the idea as he actually wanted to stay and fight for a place at the capital club.