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Blaming it On the Pitch

Despite Josep Guardiola’s statement, saying that Barcelona shouldn’t get themselves worked up about things outside for the real match, Barca apparently filed in a report to UEFA protesting about the band San Siro pitch condition.

According to their official site, the Catalan club submitted the report to the football board as they seek an answer from the Rossoneri about why does the pitch wasn’t in a perfect condition.

“FC Barcelona has presented an official complaint to UEFA about the condition of the pitch at the Giuseppe Meazza for the Champions League match against AC Milan. They passed the matter over to UEFA delegate Mikalai Varabyov (Bulgaria) at the post-match meeting. Varabyov has included the complaint in his report and UEFA will demand an explanation from the Italian club,” read an official statement on Barcelona’s site.

Milan themselves admitted that the San Siro pitch isn’t that good and hasn’t really been well since quite sometime, but they were also having problems playing there at times, including the game on Wednesday as not only Barca players who ere stumbling down. However, rumors has it that the Catalan accused the Rossoneri of not watering the pitch before the game on purpose so the Blaurgrana wouldn’t be able to perform their natural playing style.

It’s a rather odd situation since Barcelona did actually won at 3-2 San Siro in both teams’ previous meeting at group stage, with a rather similar bad pitch situation. However, apparently different result does caused some different reaction, and this time, the Spanish side might be feeling harmed done by the Rossoneri’s decision in not watering the pitch just like what the Catalan wanted them to do.

In the end, it’s a rather unnecessary jibe from Barcelona in filing up a report to UEFA about a pitch condition since they won’t be playing on it anyway even if they managed to get through from the Champions League quarter final. Moreover, it’s like sending a low respect towards their opponent, who did worked really hard in that match, something that should be appreciated by a supposedly the best team in the world such as Barca.