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Kids, It's A Bizarro World

I was never much of a comic book type of guy, but I do remember hearing that Superman and Spiderman and many other iconic heroes had an archnemesis that they often battled that was basically the bizarro version of themselves.  I find this idea to be interesting and while I was looking up this upcoming weeks La Liga action I discovered a match that reminded me of this bizarro theme.

Barcelona and Xerez played earlier in the week and the match left one Yank scratching his head about, well, just about everything.  These two squads could not be anymore unalike in their tradition, talents, and current playing level.  Barcelona is currently the only treble winners ever from Spain and the powerhouse squad is considered one of the greatest in the history of football.  Xerez on the other hand is a team whose name starts with an X. 

New boys Xerez have not had the type of history and current results that the Spanish giant they face have.  in fact scoring a goal is considered an unbelievable feat for the lowly squad.  After twelve matches this season, the new boys have only scored four goals total.  That is a .333 goals per game average making for some very patient football fans.  Obviously the squad doesn’t have many victories, but they do have one on the year (Barcelona has yet to lose this year).  Currently 23 points down from Barcelona it seems like Xerez should begin scouting Segunda Division squads to get a head start on next season.

And Barcelona is Barcelona.  Messi, Ibs, and Henry all have over four goals so far this season making anyone of them a candidate for outdoing an entire team.  It seems as if picking the winner in this one would be easy, but you never know.  Xerez may just know Barcelona’s Achilles heal and attack.  But I won’t put my money on it.