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Bidding War For Dinho

Ronaldinho y XabiRonaldino’s move from Ac Milan is pretty much a certainty, however one important thing that currently still hangs in the balance after the latest reports suggested that the supposedly agreement with Gremio isn’t a 100% deal as just yet.

Recently, several teams such as Flamengo and Blackburn Rovers reportedly have tried out in tempting the Brazilian superstar in joining their team this January, with the first claiming they already made a personal agreement with the player.

We have an agreement with regards to Ronaldinho’s wages, Now we need to understand what Milan want to do with the final six months of the contract that tie him to the club, Flamengo President Patricia Amorim said. “He is drawn to Gremio due to an affectionate issue, as it is where he started his career, but with us it is more of an economic negotiation.”

This statement kinda put the pressure on Gremio, that previously also claimed that they already had an agreement with Ronaldinho and only lacking an approval from Milan. However, aside from Flamengo’s claim, the ex-Barcelona player’s agent, Roberto De Assis, also revealed that his client is still very much open to negotiate with other teams as the Porto Alegre team is still lacking cash at the moment in order to prize away the 30-years-old player from the Rossoneri.

There is a lot of money to go before Gremio can finalise this move. A lot of money, There are still many things to resolve, first of all the outstanding issues with Milan. There’s no point saying if anyone is in the lead, as I am an agent and we all need to be very calm during these negotiations.I don’t think the matter will be resolved before Wednesday,” De Assis said.

Beside the two Brazilian, Premier League teams reportedly are also interested in signing the former World Player of The Year winner, one of the English club that have been identified by the media is Blackburn Rovers. This news was also confirmed by De Assis himself, who revealed that he has been contacted by the Rovers and even adding that Steve Kean’s side is not the only BPL team interested in acquiring Ronaldinho’s signature this winter.

“Blackburn have contacted us. There is also other interest in England but this is confidential,” De Assis stated.

Being known as one of the most inspiring player in the last decade, Ronaldinho seems still has what it takes to attract buyers as it’s being proved by the offers he’s been getting recently. Albeit that the offers didn’t came from a major club, still is the attraction of the former Barcelona star’s past glory looks attractive enough for some clubs especially teams from the player’s native country, which usually always become the final stop for declining Brazilian star.

Milan themselves already resigned in keeping the player, as aside from technical issues there seems to be financial related problem that finally convinced the Rossoneri to let the Brazilian walk this winter. Considering the fact that the player’s contract will end next summer and previous reports also suggested that Dinho didn’t looked interested in cutting his wages to get a contract extension, parting ways would be the best way for both parties at the moment.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Jan S0L0