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Benzema's New Approach

Jugadores del Madrid calentandoKarim Benzema had a bad season last year. The Frenchman was irregularly used with his new Real Madrid club, he was accused of purchasing an underaged prositutute along with Franck Ribery, and he was overlooked for the French national team this summer.

Perhaps that last negative point was a blessing in disguise for the young forward considering the French side’s embarrassing participation in the event. But regardless it was a disappointing year for the young player of great potential and he finished the season with only 9 goals in 32 matches of action.

Benzema expected to be transferred this summer, but was not due to the growing interest in the Frenchman from new coach Jose Mourinho. And with the new coach comes a new chance for the former Lyon man who hopes to recapture his 49 goal effort over two seasons for Lyon.

And Benzema believes in order to succeed with Los Blancos he must erase the past season under Pellegrini and the former Real Madrid staff:

I have forgotten about everything that happened last year. I am convinced that I am going to score a lot of goals. I am headstrong and I will work hard to help my team with titles. Mourinho is great coach. He speaks to me on a regular basis, which is something I appreciate. Last season was very difficult for me because it was the first time I played outside my own country. My family and I are now much more adjusted to the city. I am happy to be here. Real Madrid is a great team. Right now the only true forwards are Gonzalo Higuain and myself. Any other forward who joins us will be well received.

And perhaps this year will be better then last for the French scoring sensation.