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Becks Set for AC Milan Transfer

In what should be considered the least surprising story of the Serie A season, David Beckham has confirmed that he will likely be back with AC Milan in January on a brief transfer with the club.  It is no secret that in order for Beckham to make Fabio Capello’s England national squad he will need to play in Europe for a brief stint before the summer World Cup.  And AC Milan seems to be the perfect fit for Beckham for a variety of reasons.

AC Milan was, first off, the home of Beckham last season and both sides have expressed a mutual interest in the star midfielder’s return.  First year coach, Leonardo, expressed this keen interest in landing the Englishman back when AC Milan faced off against the LA Galaxy in a friendly in the United States.  That match is well known not for the final score, but simply because of the American crowd turning on their supposed best player. 

After all the harrassment Beck’s received, Leonardo welcomed him back to Milan if things didn’t work out.  And why wouldn’t Leonardo.  He knows that Becks popularity fills the stands, his nice guy approach makes the locker room a more enjoyable place, besides Becks can help out a squad that lacks a lot of depth. 

So this January after a brief break after the MLS season, expect to see Becks working alongside Ronaldinho and other AC Milan stars.  Becks needs the opportunity to prove his worth to England, Leonardo needs an unselfish player to set up some goals on attack, and the San Siro needs a player that will get AC Milan fans talking once again. 

In other words it is the perfect marriage for all parties involved.