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Beckham Unlikely To Join AC Milan This Season

David Beckham AC MilanDavid Beckham may be back in action in the MLS, but don’t expect to see the popular English midfielder play for AC Milan or any other Serie A squad this spring. The man, who severely injured his knee during a non-contact play on loan last year with Milan, recently admitted that health is his main concern at the moment after recently returning from a six month long layoff.

And in the last six months Beckham has suggested several times that his European football days are likely done and other then for the national team he will probably not be playing overseas again. The year long football schedule is tough on a 35 year old body, but Sir Goldenballs also didn’t want to completely rule out a return when he made the following quote:   

I’ll never say never, but after my injury I need to really focus on getting my full fitness back.

And I think you can at least take from this quote that Beckham likely will not play this season for Milan despite their popularity in the transfer market. Perhaps next year Beckham will desire such a move if he can successfully play through most of the MLS year, but considering his age and recent injury Beckham will likely not be playing for a European club anytime soon if ever again.

But when asked about his country, Beckham remained hopeful to receive an unexpected call up sometime soon although his major emphasis was still on returning back to full health:

Whether it’s over or not is not really down to me. I want to continue to be available to play for England. That’s all I can do. I am passionate about playing for my country and I have been for 15 years now. Ever since I was a little kid, all I ever wanted to do was to play for my country. Whether the road is over or not, I don’t really know, but I will continue to work hard to get my fitness right because that’s the important bit at the moment. Once I’ve done that, we’ll know more.

Creative Commons License photo credit: CLF