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Beckham Eyes Return to Serie A

In one of the least surprising stories of the Serie A season, David Beckham will likely join AC Milan on loan in January.  The news is hardly shocking considering both parties interest in the aging midfielder’s future in Italy.

 Becks was on loan a season ago for the disappointing 09 squad and new coach Leonardo has voiced several times his keen interest in landing the star player on the roster.  And why would you not want the player if you are in Leonardo’s position?  Leonardo will have the odds of winning Serie A in his first season heavily against him this season.  With key losses including former Serie A Player of the Year, Kaka, the former player knows that adding a player of Beck’s caliber will only make his first year that much stronger of a campaign.

It seems to be one of those deals that is good for just about everybody involved minus the Los Angeles Galaxy.  Milan gets a  great player who will sell plenty of  t-shirts and Becks gets an opportunity to showcase his skills on a huge platform right before the beginning of the World Cup.  England’s national squad coach Fabio Capello has mentioned several times that for Becks to make England’s roster he needs to play in Europe.  Well it seems as if Becks will get his wish granted once again.

Once Becks makes the expected move over to Italy in January, Milan will likely try to shift their formation and roster around a little bit in order to allow Beckham to settle in.  Andrea Pirlo currently plays on the right wing and will probably move up to forward if the deal goes through as expected.