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Be My Valentin

The Galaxy defense is bad. Sure, they shut out the Quakes, but I have a feeling that is going to be happening quite a few times this season.

Cronin is not a strong keeper. Vanney looks past his prime to be your shut down guy.

I think once Julian Valentin is fully healed, Gullit should just throw his ass in there. He is one tough S.O.B. and while some criticize his speed, you can’t underestimate his talent. You also can’t underestimate his leadership. Despite his tender years, Valentin has two commodities that should be valued by any MLS GM: experience and determination.

There are some players in every sport, who if you look at them on paper when they are young, you think, “this guy doesn’t have the physical tools.” Think Larry Bird, Tom Brady or David Eckstein. They are guys who, if not for their obsession to succeed, would never have been able to make it at the pro level.

They are the players that have the mental tools to maximize their scarce physical tools, while those with more natural (God-given, if you’re into the whole religious thing) talent squander that talent for girls, drugs, money or a combination of all three.

I don’t hang out with Valentin, but I don’t know if I could picture him making it rain while doing a line of blow off a stripper’s chest.

Not until I saw this picture anyways.

Could it be him?

Google Image Search certainly thought so. Indeed, some of the folks at badjocks.com thought so as well. They got their hands on it somehow. It’s not a good look for Valentin. I prefer the more freshly cleated version.

Doesn’t look like the guy above with the cleat scar across his face? I agree. But that was senior year Valentin. Young Jules had a much more jheri curl type thing going for him. Check out the younger version and tell me you don’t see the resemblance…

Regardless of whether its him in the pic or not, he is a tough young player, and the Galaxy don’t have anything to lose really by trying him out in the back. Ouch, that was probably not the best choice of words based on the hazing picture above. Now that I think about it, he could have quite a bit to lose if the Galaxy insert… oh, I will just stop now before I say something truly deplorable I later regret.

He got hazed in college. So what? Who wasn’t? Whether you were in a frat, on a Division I soccer team or a mathlete, there was no doubt a time when your peers stood around you chanting like crazed monkeys while you tipped a pint of something vomit-inducing past your lips. We all did it. Some people took pictures.

We all did not win an NCAA Championship, which Valentin did. We also never generally kicked people’s asses throughout the ACC and on the youth international level, which Valentin has as well.

It’s not like he’s Pac Man Jones. Though it scares me how it looks like Pac Man is looking up at that pic of Valentin. Jules, watch your ass.