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Bayern Munich Set To Wage War Against Dutch National Team

Bayern Munich president Uli Hoeness is very angry. And not just because his name is Uli Hoeness either. The German squad’s president is enraged by the fact that the Dutch national team played his star player this summer in the World Cup despite the fact that the Bayern man was already seriously injured prior to the start of the Cup.

Former Real Madrid man Arjen Robben, last year’s Bundesliga MVP with Bayern, suffered a serious thigh injury the week prior to the World Cup in a friendly match. The Holland club rested the star for the opening round of the event, but when they reached the knockout stages of the World Cup this summer, the side elected to play the hampered star and the decision was a costly one for Bayern Munich this season.

Robben has already been ruled out for the first half of the season due to his serious thigh injury not properly healing and this January the side will reevaluate the injury and decide if it will cost their key man the entire 2010/2011 season. Hoeness though, blames Robben’s current condition on negligence from the national team side and demands that the Dutch Football Federation should pay the footballers weekly fee until he is ready to return to the German side’s starting lineup later this season.

Hoeness told Antenne Bayern radio:

If they don’t show any willingness to compromise, then I believe we are going to have to sue them to the bitter end. I personally think that we have got to take this all the way to ensure that this loss, which has arisen due to pure negligence, is recovered.

And considering the injury transpired prior to the start of the Cup and considering that it appears Clockwork Oranje knowingly played the star despite being hampered by the injury, I would say that the man with a terrible name has an excellent point. Even if Robben wanted to risk his league season by leading his side to a World Cup victory, it should still come down to the side’s medical staff to properly evaluate the injury and the potential risk of harming the player long term. Any player in the world will want to play in the final stretch of World Cup matches, but it is the responsibility of the club and their medical staff to allow the footballer to do so because risking the star’s long term health and future career is more significant then any one match.

Hoeness is ready to wage a war though, and this club VS country debate could get even worse in coming years if nations do not take responsibility for their decisions made in the World Cup. In short the Dutch should be paying Robben’s wages until he returns to the pitch because his injury was neglected this summer in favor of a title run.