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Bayern Munich Demand Payment From Dutch FA

One of Europe’s most talented wingers has been ruled out for the entire first half of the season and  his club is willing to fight ‘to the bitter end’ to endure that they receive every cent they deserve from the player’s national side.

Arjen Robben is the man at the centre of this battle as he is yet to recover from the thigh injury sustained just days before the World Cup begun. Robben was the go to guy for the Bavarian outfit last season and it remains to be seen how they will cope with his abscence this first half of the season.

Club president Uli Hoeness has stated that he will not let up in his quest to ensure the KNVB compensate Bayern. The bone of contention is that Bayern doctor Hans-Wilhelm Muller-Wohlfahrt believes that the Dutch FA did not properly treat Robben’s injury and as such is the main reason why Hoeness is prepared to go all the way to ensure fairness is served.

Hoeness is proposing that the Dutch Fa pay Robben;s wages until he returnts to full fitness.

“If they don’t show any willingness to compromise, then I believe we are going to have to sue them to the bitter end,” Hoeness told Antenne Bayern radio.

“I personally think that we have got to take this all the way to ensure that this loss, which has arisen due to pure negligence, is recovered.”

Photo credit: from toksuede