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Bayern Admits A “Fear” Of Rooney?

The most feared man in Soccer?

Going into their Champion’s League set with Manchester United Bayern has a very bad strategic move.  Usually, bulletin board material comes from smack-talk, trash-talk, and general male stupidity–yes, I’m a guy, and yes, we’re stupid sometimes.

Well, Bayern has given United plenty of bulletin board material, but it’s from a different kind of stupidity.  They didn’t do the usual posturing and preening.  Nope, they just opened their yaps for no reason.  Franz Beckenbauer says:

“He is doing an absolutely fantastic job for Manchester United and I must tell you that we at Bayern will fear him when we play United in the Champions League quarter-finals.”

“He is a brilliant player who is playing better than ever. It is not easy to score 33 goals for your club in England, or anywhere else. I have never seen him play better and I have been watching him for a long time now.”

If you’re going to go to this trouble then why don’t you say:

“We’re dead.  We concede.”

I hope United takes a page from the NFL.  I know Soccer is a game that relies on players playing their position, but I hope United can put Rooney on Beckenbauer just so Rooney can say:

“Are you afraid now?”

I’d be trash-talking him the whole match.  Wouldn’t you?

At this point what is the purpose is staying silent or pretending that Bayern let this get out?

Also, if you’re Bayern management aren’t you just a little pissed off right now?  What about his teammates?  Do they fear Rooney, or is it just Beckenbauer?

Not only did Franz speak too soon he spoke for everyone when he had no right to.  It was a poor strategic move that will result in a handful of goals for United.  They know Bayern doesn’t want any part of them and I’m sure they’ll take that to their advantage.

Creative Commons License photo credit: gordonflood.com