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Barcelona's Laporta Receives Death Threats

For such a beautiful game there are many blemishes. 

That was the case this recent weekend for Barcelona president Joan Laporta who admitted that he has been receiving multiple death threats in recent months in what police believe to be a series of threats from one subject. 

Laporta has done all the appropriate things  involving the police in the case and awaiting a word on a possible perpetrator.  But the news is all to familiar to a sport that has had its fair share of problems over the years.

Death threats are not exactly something out of the norm in football or celebrity news in the modern day, but whenever a case like this arises it makes you feel a little bit better to be a regular everyday person and not a person with a target on their back for no reason.

Despite Barcelona’s incredible success as of late, Laporta has not always been the most admired public figure by some sectors of Barcelona’s fan base.  Often critical of club hooliganism, Laporta’s tactics sometime clash with many rowdy fans of the club’s venue.  Laporta has been harassed and received death threats before, but the year after your club wins the treble seems to be a very bizarre time for such a threat. 

You would think that fans of the club would simply be so happy with the squad’s result last year that they would only want things to remain constantly the same, but unfortunately some people forget that it is in fact just a game.