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Barcelona VS Real Madrid: It's Finally Here

For months I have been asking for this game to arrive and my patience has finally paid off.   To be honest I really didn’t have much of a choice, but the game of the year is finally here and I’m sure everyone can agree that they are excited regardless of their preferred team in the match. 

And weeks ago it looked like Barcelona might enter the match with an unfair advantage (being the injury of Cristiano Ronaldo), but the tides have recently shifted in Madrid’s favor with the injury to Lionel Messi.  Messi may not be able to go this weekend and Zlatan Ibrahimovic was held out of the Champions League match earlier in the week as well, so will it be Henry up top all alone?

It made no difference earlier in the week and with or without Cristiano Ronaldo it may make no difference in a little while.  Barcelona is a team filled with so many stars many have to wait their turn on the bench.  So with their star players possibly out they will still most likely find a way to put together some goal opportunities.

Real Madrid, on the other hand, is currently a healthier club on paper, but one factor that remains a big question mark is the value of Cristiano Ronaldo coming off that injured ankle.  Sure he is one of the best footballers in the world, but is he at full health right now or did he speed up his rehabilitation to be able to play in the match?  Also will Ronaldo’s timing be on par with the rest of the team or will the Portugal superstar need a few weeks to get back into the groove?

These questions will all be answered very soon.