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Barcelona Remains Perfect Half Way Through the Season

Silverstone Cheerleaders
Creative Commons License photo credit: ph-stop

The season is officially half way over heading into this weekend’s matches and treble winners Barcelona are still perfect on the year.  The champs have had four draws this season, but are still awaiting their first loss in league play.  That nineteen week unbeaten streak is obviously the best in any major league. 

Can the Spanish giants be stopped by anyone?

Real Madrid deserves some credit for winning fourteen matches over the same span (and only one less then Barcelona), but the club did lose three matches over the first half of the season.  Still to only be back less then two total matches from a club that is chasing history is pretty impressive.  Especially considering the fact that their star offensive player missed a decent amount of time with an ankle injury.  So in other words what Real Madrid has done this year should not go unnoticed.

And Valencia deserves a lot of credit right now too.  The club has only lost two matches on the year, but they have only won eleven matches and trail the two big boys by a considerable amount.  They have been one of the hottest clubs recently and look like they will probably remain in that number three spot for the remainder of the year.   

But it seems as if the second half of the year will be a three horse race in La Liga.  And one of those horses needs to be tested!

And if Barcelona can continue to play at the pace that they have been playing at recently then the 1972 Dolphins might have some company.   

Except these boys play 38 games not 14.