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Barcelona on a Tear!

26:13 –  I was going to watch today’s match between Barcelona and Racing before I wrote a review on my position regarding Barcelona and the big time talent they have emptied their pockets to bring in.  I couldn’t do it.

Barcelona looks great.  By the time Pique’ scored their 3rd goal before the 30 minute mark the Racing home crowd wasn’t even up to jeering the Barcelona goal.  I know Racing is not a serious challenge for Barca, but come on, this is madness.

I want to mention that I did say Barcelona would get off to a great start, which they have, but I also said that at some point they would become toxic and implode on themselves.   At this point it seems hard to hold to my beliefs given how much fun the Barca team seems to be having.

I’ve seen the ball down on Barcelona’s end just a couple of times so far with just a little time left in the first half and I don’t see how Racing plans on scoring…by osmosis?  Barcelona is attacking (which I love) and Racing is piddling around waiting for an opening.  I don’t think they did their homework…Barca doesn’t give you openings, you have to take them!

44:12 – Now again, Barca came within about an inch of scoring on a worthless cross and a poorly executed header.  I’m still recovering actually because the play should have netted nothing and was so closetobeing a 4th goal for Barca.  With the offsides flag going up just as the cross was sent I can only imagine that this will happen again before the match is over, and the back of Racing’s net will be bloodied and battered when it’s all over.


67:00I went and made some dinner, flipped the TV back on and now it’s 4-0 Barcelona.  Once again, I am feeling secure in my rightness.

88:37 –  I admit, I got bored.  I flip back over and see somehow a miracle was performed and Racing scored a goal.  Now it’s 4-1.  Still feeling good.

89:30 –  Sepsi gets yellow-carded in frustration.  I’m not sure that they taught the guys in Racing that Soccer isn’t hard if you’ll play calmly.  He lost his head and now the match is over.  Not surprising, but pretty blah.

As we can plainly see, Barcelona is on a tear.  Good for them, but they better keep it up or a rude awakening will be right around the corner…