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Barca Shows Restraint In Not Pursuing Cesc

Cesc Fabregas
Creative Commons License photo credit: wonker

At least Barca doesn’t see this man as a piece of meat…

While Real Madrid runs around trying to sign every Soccer player on Earth and create their own league that features only them and their “million man roster” Barcelona has proven why I believe they are a better overall organization than Real.

Cesc Fabregas of Arsenal is a HOT commodity for this summer when teams go running after free talent.  Plus, everyone starts talking LONG in advance about who they want to sign.  Well, Barca could easily have thrown their name in the hat…I mean, who doesn’t want to play the European Champion and WITH the best player in the world (Leo Messi)?

Well, instead of trying to lure EVERYBODY on earth they’ve said no to pursuing Cesc.  This is very smart.

Look at what a distraction it would be to start talking about this in the middle of this eventual-probable-title-run that they’re on.  Every player on this team would have to answer questions about Cesc from now until the end of the season and then if they DON’T get him they’ll have to answer questions next year about how NOT having him affects the teams.  Yeah.

Barca doesn’t like to hear themselves talk…they like to win.  This is why they’re out of the race.

Barca President even said:

“Arsenal came fishing for our young players. One of them was Cesc. Now he is playing very well at Arsenal. I can’t say any more about this.”

That’s code for, “I hate Arsenal…they steal our players, but we’re still better than them.  By the way, we won’t stoop to their level.”

What’s funnier about this is that he wasn’t one of the world’s best until AFTER he got to Arsenal.  This means he BECAME who he is at Arsenal.  Why would you leave?  Is there no loyalty in sport anymore?  I think Barca’s over it as they should be.

So, the “Real” difference?  Restraint.  You can sign everyone on earth, but those signings have to make sense.  You cna’t just sign people “because”.  Ask the Yankees…they did this for years until they figured out a $250 million payroll doesn’t work.

Hopefully Real Madrid figures this out soon before it collapses their whole club.