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Barca says they're back to normal…




After Barca destroyed Zaragoza 6-0 the other day now we have saying Xavi saying it’s all good in the home of the ’92 Olympics.

I beg to differ.

Listen, they drew Valencia (no slouch of a team, but they’re not as good as Barca), they lost to a Russian club in the Champion’s League and then they took out their frustrations on Zaragoza.  That’s all.

Barca has Leo Messi and of course they butchered a club that isn’t nearly as good as they are.  You can’t win one match and say “Oh, we’re fine now, everything’s fine.”  Usually when someone says that you automatically assume they’re lying.  I don’t think Xavi’s lying, but I do think he is misguided in his opinion of his team.

They have two (supposedly) easy matches coming up and then on Nov. 4 they have Rubin Kazan again.  Now, if they beat Kazan and avenge their earlier loss to the Russians then I’ll totally believe that they’re back on track…but I want to see it first.

I know they’re the Champions but European Soccer is too volatile to just say “Oh, we’re good now.”  No, I want to SEE it first. 

In much the same way I want Real Madrid to show me that they can do this thing while missing Cristiano for an extended period of time.  No griping, no complaining, just get it done.  They have AC Milan on Nov. 3 in the Champion’s League and I want to see then beat Milan first before I’m convinced that not having Ronaldo is going ok.

The proof is in the pudding and right now the pudding is still cooking.  I want to wait and see if the pudding they give me is lumpy before I declare how delicious it is.  You know?