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Barca Puts Stuttgart Away

Creative Commons License photo credit: Aitor Escauriaza

Basically, he does as he pleases…

Leo Messi nearly put up a hat-trick on Stuttgart to put Barca into the Quarterfinals of the Champion’s League.  A HAT-TRICK!  This is pretty incredible considering it’s hard enough to score one goal in a professional soccer match–much less three!

If you read the official stats and see that Barca had 16 shots I’d think that you can imagine they were down in Stuttgart’s end all night long.  Here’s the thing about Barca–they can overpower anybody.  They hardly let up.  They push really hard AND Leo Messi is the best “filed general” in the world.

What’s next for Barca?  Well, the get into the Quarterfinal draw and I’d say that they are the other team–besides Moscow–that no one wants a piece of.

Here is your dilemma if you are NOT Barca or Moscow.  Those two teams are HOT.  They aren’t playing around.  If you lose to Moscow you look foolish because they aren’t overwhelming favorites.  If you lose to Barca you’ll probably look like you didn’t even try.  So, what’s your choice?  Look lazy or look stupid?

I don’t think the draw will work out this way, but I’d love to see a Barca/Moscow final for the European Championship.  Why?

Well, you’ve got the team that makes you look lazy playing the team that makes you look stupid.  What better matchup is there than that?  How much fun would it be to see Moscow frustrate Leo Messi until he finally scores–but would he be able to score enough?

That’s exciting!