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Barca Looks To Advance in UEFA Today

Nou Camp Stands & Fans
Creative Commons License photo credit: Spiros2004

The treble winners from last year have found that repeating the monumental task is nearly an impossible feat.  But with a victory today over Arsenal then Barcelona can prove that they are still worthy of a double which is pretty great in itself.  The club couldn’t repeat for a domestic Cup victory this year in the Coppa del Rey thanks to Sevilla and in league play they are still neck-and-neck with Real Madrid

But in the Champions League they are still in a league of their own and every other team in the world knows it.

The true shame of that first match against Arsenal wasn’t the Cesc Fabregas injury (although lets hope he makes it back in time for the Cup), but the fact that Barcelona could not score a single goal in the first half and suffered a 2-2 draw with a late lapse in the box.  The club looked fantastic though and the two goals in the second half were long overdue and the treble winners should have won the match by at least a goal pair.  

And when it comes to huge matches Barcelona is quite simply the best currently at prevailing.  They have more talent then any other squad and although many of their stars will likely not play today they are still the favorites over another injury-depleted squad.  The reason is quite obvious and quite simple.  With Wayne Rooney hampered by injury, Cesc Fabregas out as well, and Didier Drogba and Cristiano Ronaldo out of the tournament all together that means Lionel Messi is truly in a class that is unmatched by any other player. 

The man is red hot right now and he is the best player in the world.  He is playing at home in one of the most intimadating venues in the entire world.  He has past success in the tournament on his side as well.  In other words Arsenal will be facing plenty of problems on the road with Messi today.  The guy deserves the honor once again of Best UEFA Forward and Player.