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Barca Gets Stunned

I know this is the hot topic at the water cooler, but I have to talk about this.  Barcelona lost a Champion’s League match to an undermatched Rubin Kazan squad.  Now, it appears that Daniel Alves (their top-flite defender) will be out for as many as 3 weeks with some kind of thigh injury.  Maybe I put the wrong predicitions on the wrong teams…

I’ve spent alot of time talking about how Real Madrid was going to crumble at some point this season, but now the European Champions have lost a match they should’ve won and lost a premier defender for a good 3 weeks.  Is it time to hit the panic button?

By losing Barca not only made their Group in the Champion’s League tight, but they made the race in the Spanish Premier Division tight.  Any blood you show should make other opponents of yours hungrier and hungrier to take you down.  (Hint, hint…Zaragoza on Sunday!)

This hunger in their opponents is compounded by Barca Manager Pep Guardiola’s insane comments like “With the statistics we had, in any other sport we would have won.”  Huh?

Why don’t you just say that if it had been a 3 match series you would have won matches 2 and 3?  This kind of philosophical garbage is what brings down good teams.  I’m not going to call for his job, or say that Barca is going to start sucking.  But, if he gets fired or this team goes down the toilet…don’t be surprised when the Manager is saying things like “Well, in other sports we would have won.” 

Guess what?  You didn’t and that’s all your fans, your boss and your team care about.  If you even remotely put in a player’s head that they are entitled to a win just because of how they played then you are inviting disaster into your locker room.  Mark my words.

Don’t push the panic button Barca fans…but keep it close at hand.